Adjustment #4

9/23/2020 2:10PM

  • Another big running week in the books, this time hitting 73 miles and my body needs some recovery. I really need to dial the mileage back for this treatment to be truly effective, in my opinion. Beating my body to shit and then expecting things to get better with a weekly adjustment seems like a silly concept.
  • I had to wait a little longer today – but it wasn’t too bad. I want his energy. He was once again on fire. And the man is confident. When he came in the room, he made a comment like “Isn’t it great to be here?”
  • It was the usual adjustment – I think I have it down by this point when he tells me which way to turn, etc. He noticed my Wineglass long-sleeve shirt and asked about Corning, NY. He told me some goofy story about a 6 foot 4 fella marrying a 5 foot 5 lady and how funny the visual was.
  • I have to admit – it feels great once it’s done. The more I can relax, the louder the crack.
  • He did remark about fixing the Spina Bifida and how he always looks at his drawing of my spine going into the appointment. At the very least it’s comforting knowing he thinks he can fix the issue.
  • He added one small thing at the end – I had to sit at the end of the table and he briefly massaged my neck, which is usually very tense. Every time he cracks my neck during the adjustment, it’s brilliantly loud. I love that.
  • The last thing I asked was if my tight hamstrings are at all related to this and he didn’t really answer the question but instead gave me a 2 minute stretching routine to do in the morning. When I said I’ll be back next week, he said “I know you will!” Damn, that’s some confidence!

Last 3 Chiropractic appointments

A lot has happened since my last update but rather than trying to catch up, let’s just focus on the present. I decided to keep a journal of my chiropractic visits. Here are the last 3 weeks:

9/2/2020 2:00PM

  • After filling out some obligatory first time paperwork I waited my turn in the lobby. He came back into the office after 2PM which is the end of their lunch hour and he excitedly asked “did you enjoy your lunch?!” to his staff. Then as he went to the back I heard him let out a “WHOO!” So my first impression was, holy shit this dude is full of energy!
  • It wasn’t long before I went to the one of the rooms and he came in shortly after to introduce himself. I explained why I was here (mostly my lower back to identify possible causes for hip limitations and my upper back issues from bad posture). He is a trip – as he was writing stuff down he remarked “Oh yeah, you need to see me! Where have you been?” He then asked if I had an X-ray yet and I told him not yet.
  • We went to this small room where he would take a digital X-ray. Before taking it he remarked how much of a curve I have (assuming he meant my lower back and not my ass).
  • After taking several shots, we looked at the computer to see the results.
  • He confirmed my spine is all sorts of curvy. Not good. He also said I was in a rare group – I was born with an extra vertebrae. I later looked this up and confirmed less than 10% of the population are born with this. It’s not necessarily a terrible thing but my issue was one side of it was compressed and we needed to work on that.
  • He also mentioned some scary words like spina bifida and some scoliosis. The root cause to my curvy spine was my sacrum being at the wrong angle – he said it should be between 30-40 degrees but it’s currently well above 50 degrees. If he can get it at the right angle, it will straighten up my curvy lower back. He assured me this was all stuff he could fix. He excitedly said so. It would take time though. He used the analogy of going to your dentist and having your teeth tightened when you have to wear braces. He all but guaranteed me this would be the answer to my issues.
  • Days later, I was really stiff and tight feeling in my back. He did something. Many days later I tried to stretch my back lying on the big exercise ball we have and that was a mistake. That hurt like hell after I was done.

9/9/2020 2:30PM

  • Had to wait until about 3:06PM until he saw me! He had a lot of people coming in and he handled them fairly quick but the issue there is you don’t get a lot of time with him.
  • I told him I was excited to be back and I had 2 people coming his way to which he was pleased about.
  • I also asked if 8-10 weeks will I see a difference in the angle of my sacrum in an Xray (I don’t think he heard the back end of the question as he was quick to answer) – he replied it might take longer but I WILL notice a difference and he will fix it.
  • I also told him I was stiff/sore the days following last week’s adjustment. He mentioned this is normal and in a few weeks I should feel a difference when I turn or with certain movements. This excites me as it gives me something to look forward to.
  • He proceeded to do the same routine as last week. In total the adjustment can’t be more than a few minutes. I should time it from the first crack to the last next time. I start belly down, then I go to my side, then flip sides, then he has me lay on my back and he cracks both sides of my neck (always super loud), then he does one more set of cracks.
  • Felt pretty good. I just hope next time it doesn’t take that long to see me. I am curious to see how I feel in a few days.

9/16/2020 2:10PM

  • After a big 72 mile week, I was ready for this. I did not have to wait long this time. I was in one of the offices within 10 minutes of arriving.
  • He was in quite a mood, I could tell. With patients before me, I heard him woo’ing and excited.
  • As soon as he entered, I asked if he was ready to fix my curvy spine and he chuckled. He then called me a special one because I have the extra vertebrae. I asked him if the issue was one side of it looking off and not necessarily the extra vertebrae itself and he said absolutely right. He went on to say I had bifida – one side of the extra vertebrae didn’t form with the other side properly. He showed me his spine toy (not sure what to call it) to properly demonstrate it.
  • The adjustment felt good today. Everything cracked like you wouldn’t believe. My neck crack is insane. I enjoyed this one. He went on to talk about wanting his patients to live to 100 and how the right lifestyle can help.



catching up quick:

2 weeks ago sucked. Recovery week turned out to be me not feeling well, having a tooth infection and having to cut my long run way short (I have this very vivid memory of me getting back and having the cold chills). Brutal week that I tried to force running into. Bad idea, lesson learned.

Thankfully I feel back to normal as I type this.

Last week turned out to be a strong week for me.

I did a decent marathon paced workout on Tuesday. 3 miles @ MP x 2, 3 minutes recovery between sets. By the end, I did feel pretty worked. I was sweating like crazy. Some of that had to be because of the antibiotic I was on. Some of it may have been me not quite 100% yet.

I wasn’t quite right Thursday morning for my workout and my Stryd pod wasn’t working so I pushed my 2nd workout back to Friday (ya hate to have to do that). The Stryd pod not working part is important because without it, the Garmin 235 is just not accurate at all if it measures your pace by arm swing. Not for me at least. It was shorting me 40 seconds to a minute per mile! Part of the reason why I don’t mind the treadmill is because I can get pretty damn accurate data with Stryd.

So anyway – I fixed the pod and on Friday, I crushed a staple workout in the Hanson Method program. They loved to prescribe 2 mile intervals at Marathon Pace minus 10-15 seconds (I thought they referred to it as a power workout, ironically enough). I did minus 18 seconds, so somewhere around 6:52. I did 3 sets in total and totally kicked its ass. My confidence was back. My health was back. Life is good.

Then the weekend got interesting. Saturday’s weather kind of sucked because of wind. Sunday was much better. I rarely run long on Sunday. It’s the only day off my Wife and I have so I try not to disappear for too long on those days but the weather on Sunday was too tempting.

I ended up running short on my treadmill in the basement on Saturday while my son let his imagination run wild with his train sets down there and I went long with my father in law on Sunday. 18 miles long! With hill repeats! It turned out to be a hell of a run.

Oh, I should I mention I hit 60 miles when all was said and done for the week. A stellar week for me in terms of mileage.

But damn, I was feeling it today. Big time.

As soon as I got home yesterday, I felt like I was on my feet the rest of the day. My wife and I took on a huge cleaning project and it literally took hours and hours to finish. By the end of the night, I was so whooped. Time on feet had to be a massive amount for me compared to a typical Sunday.

And I forgot how much an 18 miler hurts. I do not look forward to the pain of a 20 miler. Can someone remind me why I signed up for a marathon again?

Today was a struggle. I’d normally run anywhere between 3-5 miles on a Monday. I could only muster up 2. Everything hurt. Well, not hurt, just sore and tired. I finally loosened up by that 2nd mile but decided that was enough for the day.

Totally didn’t help that I slept like shit last night. My son had a night – let’s just leave it at that. Nothing too crazy but when you wake up multiple times during the night, how much sleep are you really getting?

The downside to a Sunday long run is recovery can delay your next workout. By running long on Saturdays, I’m usually ready to nail my workout on Tuesday but I can tell you right now there’s no chance I’ll be ready tomorrow. So it looks like I’ll have to aim for a Wednesday workout (maybe something longer?) and shoot for some business miles on my long run? Seems reasonable. We’ll see.

13 weeks to go! Time is flying. Every week matters at this point. I’m ready to continue the grind – I just hope I can recover faster from these long runs the more I do them.



whats YOUR definition of a recovery week


After 4 weeks of marathon training (can’t believe there’s 14 weeks to go!), it seems like the right time for me take a recovery week. Melo man brought it up to me a few days ago, “hey man, might be time to tone it down for a week, you’ve went pretty hard for 4 weeks” is my interpretation of his words.

I hate taking recovery weeks when things are going good.

I hit 55 miles for the week!

What made this an imperfect week was doing my long run indoors. I had 2 good workouts. A good outdoor run would’ve made this feel like one of my better weeks if you consider the mileage.

One positive to the indoor run was my legs feel completely fine. I could’ve done another 10+ miles this morning but knew I should keep it short and sweet.

So what the hell will I do for a recovery week? Cut back miles? Scale down workouts?

I think it makes sense to cut back on the reps during workouts. I don’t like the idea of skipping them altogether. I also think I should cut back on the mileage but not too much. I wouldn’t want to be in the 30s after just hitting 55.

So that will be the plan running wise  – do workouts but with less reps, do the right amount of miles without it feeling like too much.

But I think I can do other things to truly reap the benefits of prior weeks of hard training.

  1. Get sleep. I do a great job of making sure I get a decent amount. This past week I was on the border some days. But this upcoming week I will make it a priority to get to bed a few minutes earlier.
  2. Hit the sauna up as much as I can. I believe in it.
  3. Do the stuff I really have been slacking on – glute activation, dynamic stretches/warm up, post-run static stretches when needed, FOAM ROLLING.
  4. Eat well. I’m either the world’s best eater or the world’s worst. No in between. This week I’ll strive to be somewhere in the middle. Eat well but don’t deprive myself entirely. Get that protein in!

That’s all I got for now. It was a good week, not a great one. I’m proud of hitting 55+ miles. Somewhere in the 60s will eventually be my peak weeks, I hope.


some workouts are just harder than others

I woke up and scored an unusually high 10.5 HRV reading. I’ve been around the 9.1 range as of late. When your HRV is in outlier status (too high or too low) it’s usually a sign you need to take it easy for the day but it’s Thursday and I had to get my workout in.

Then when I went downstairs to use my remote starter for my car, I noticed a pretty decent amount of snow had fallen overnight. And the plow already came by which meant I had to shovel the heavy stuff at the end of the driveway to get out and in the event my wife needed to go somewhere. So I grabbed a shovel and power shoveled for 10 minutes and vowed to finish the rest of the driveway later (I did). I knew this would set me a bit behind and that always pisses me off.

No time for a warm up so off I went. 2 mile warm up. I wasn’t focused at all on the workout. My mind was not there. Then the first rep began and it felt like a hell of a lot for me on this day. I barely got through the first rep (slowest one of the workout) and decided to move my act to the treadmills downstairs. I was using the cardio deck where it’s warmer and where the treadmills have no time restrictions. So even though I have to reset the treadmill every 30 minutes downstairs, the temperature difference makes it worth it.

I then got my head straight and focused on nailing the second rep. It was hard but not as brutal as that first one. And it was much faster too. A good sign.

After the fourth rep, I found myself breathing hard again at the end of each rep. I questioned if I could get 6 in like last week. But I had to fight through it. Some workouts are going to be tough! Sometimes you have to earn it.

The fifth rep felt like I was done but I told myself not to rule out a sixth rep. Just get through the recovery (0.25 mile) and re-evaluate.

I pumped myself up and put my Spotify playlist on shuffle and landed on a song that got me going. It made most of the last rep tolerable. Most of it. The last quarter mile felt tough but not as bad as the previous few. I did it. I got through it. It wasn’t my best work but I still got through it.

Then I ran a 2 mile cool down and hit my goal of 10 miles for the day. Indeed, it was a good morning. Unfortunately I couldn’t get my usual post-run sauna session in because of running behind. That bothered me but I let it go when I left.

If only I had more time in the day.

If I did, I felt like I could have ran another 2-4 easy miles.

I’m glad I could share this story as my last few workouts have went really well and I want to share the good, the bad and the ugly.

I’m looking forward to some EZ miles in the AM and being able to do all the other stuff around it. I wish I had an unlimited amount of time some days.

I’m getting pretty deep into season 2 of You (on Netflix) and it’s been awesome. I hate when a good season ends and I fear the end is near. But the good news is there’s a ton of stuff on Netflix to catch up on when I finish this.

Onto the next one..

Here’s today’s workout:

0.75mi @ 5K pace x 6, 0.25mi recovery


a new marathon pace, a successful workout

It’s Tuesday which means it’s MARATHON PACED workout day. Last week I mentioned having to change the name of the “BQ Paced” workout. I adjusted the goal pace to something more realistic for now. My goal was 7:10 or just slightly under.

I woke up early to get this in. My son has been very sick and he woke up in the middle of the night with a burning fever. Poor dude. I had a hard time falling back to sleep so needless to say, it wasn’t a good night of sleep.

I also ran somewhere different from the best gym on planet earth, Catalyst on Maple. I ran at Planet Fitness by my house. I was off work for family reasons so I had to keep it closer to home and there’s no chance I’d want to run this workout on the treadmill in my basement. I have no desire to try to run fast on that thing.

As for the treadmill I was on – I do have some minor complaints. As the workout went on, it was as if the belt was slightly slowing down and I had to bump the speed up to stay under the goal pace.

As soon as I started I realized the new pace felt good and wasn’t too taxing. I knew I wanted to do either:

2 x 4, 3 minutes recovery or 3 x 2, 2 minutes recovery, or what I landed on today: 4 miles (@MP pace) x 2, 3 minutes of recovery. And I’m glad I landed on that. Let’s take a look at the results:

2020-02-04 20_18_14-Garmin Connect

Really pleased with this! My HR didn’t start to climb until the 2nd set and probably because my singlet was drenched in sweat, It never felt too hard until perhaps the last mile where I just wanted to finish. I legitimately think I could have ran another set. Possibly. I was genuinely surprised how good the first set felt.

I did this all on 0.5% incline. Maybe that was the difference maker (vs. 1% last week).

This pace felt appropriate for my fitness. I think I will keep working at this marathon pace until it becomes “easy.” I can’t imagine a sub 7:10 pace will ever feel easy for me, but hey.

The best part is I took care of my body the rest of the day and ate like a champ. I ate right. I don’t feel sore at all and I’m anxious to see how I feel tomorrow. I need some sleep though. It’s finally catching up to me as I write this.

I can’t wait to smash my Thursday workout now.

Saturday’s long run is looking tricky as the temperature will be between 17-22 degrees if I’m lucky and it’s supposed to snow the days beforehand so I don’t know what kind of condition the roads will be in. I’ll worry about that as I get closer.

the week at a glance and my dope spreadsheet

2020-02-02 19_45_46-2020 Buffalo Marathon Training Cycle - Excel

I write this on a somewhat disappointing Sunday. The Super Bowl on and that is close which is cool but I can’t lie – I haven’t felt myself today.

For one, ever since my cleaning at the dentist last week, the tooth that I had my root canal on (and the one that provided the most pain I’ve felt in years) has been sore. Sore enough to cause me to take some pain reliever. Either 1 of 2 things is wrong – the tooth is infected again (they even mentioned the possibility of an antibiotic at the cleaning because of something) or I have to get the small surgery they recommended if it doesn’t get better. UGH. I thought this tooth shit was behind me. This tooth was not an issue until after the cleaning. Weird and frustrating.

Besides that, I’ve felt a tad under the weather today. I’m not sick often so this really bums me out. It had no effect on my run and most of my day until the last few hours. Hoping it’s a combination of being overtired because of a terrible night of sleep last night (my son had a brutal coughing attack in the middle of the night).

Training is going so well and the last shit I want to deal with is being sick or having an infected tooth. Could be worse, I guess.

Hoping to have better news on the next blog.

Anyway, this week went pretty well. The highlight was 2 very strong workouts. I also went up 3 miles from last week and hit 51 for the week.

Looking at all the metrics, my RHR went down and my HRV went up, a nice sign.

Hitting 16 miles for my long run was another positive.

The only other thing of note is I decided to switch sensors for HRV tracking. The armband cost me 20 minutes one morning this week and I can’t risk that again during these bigger weeks. So I switched to using my phone’s camera sensor and touched base with the developer of the app to make sure I’m doing everything right. I haven’t noticed any wonky readings and as long as you see “optimal” after the reading, you’re good. It’s just a lot more convenient using the phone.

That’ll be it for today. I may have to do a workout tomorrow as I’m off Tuesday for something family related. I have to sort that all out. Hope you’re running is going well!

15 weeks to go…

what not to do after a long run


Admit it – you’ve found yourself in this familiar scenario; after the adrenaline of your long run wears off and you’ve showered up, your stomach rumbles. You need to refuel and re-hydrate. You suddenly realize you’re realllly freakin’ hungry.

It’s in that moment you make a somewhat important decision – what will I eat? Should I eat that oatmeal with blueberries? Or should I go hard on some hash browns, bacon and eggs? I mean hey, this sounds like a winning scenario either way but it’s what happens after that is what matters.

Your eyes become bigger than your stomach. After your first post-run meal, you go for a bag of pretzels or that chocolate you’ve been saving for this moment. Then you pull out a can of coke. Perhaps some chips too because hey, you just ran for more than an hour and a half and you earned it, dammit.

But this is probably the biggest mistake you can make after a hard fought long run. And I didn’t make it today. Hallelujah.

But I have and many a time.

Then I eventually crash hard and feel like shit for the rest of the day.

Not today. I made sensible choices. I had a protein shake when I started to feel a little hungry in between lunch and dinner. And a mango. Have I mentioned how much I love mangos?

Sure, my dinner wasn’t the healthiest but by then, I deserved it. And it hit the spot. And I had a ton of energy the rest of the night. The trick was I didn’t overdo it.

Today I ran 16+ miles. I haven’t hit 16 in a while. The weather was awesome – 28 degrees, no wind and no snow. My hard workouts really were good enough in terms of business miles. This was about building that base and strengthening the system with some hills.

I would call this a long run that featured some hills – not a hilly long run. People out west might laugh at that last one one. Even though we barely hit 500 feet of gain, trust me, the hills we hit were short but powerful. And they felt like a hell of a lot more than 500 feet.

I got to run long with Sean again! He came out my way (can I get another hallelujah?) and I was anxious to show him some of my favorite routes. We’ve run together out here on the trail by my house but never on pavement.

And on a hugely positive note, I did not have to interrupt the run by crapping. This week has been really good on that front. I gave up coffee last Saturday and it’s paid off on that front. I had 2 cups on that day and it sent my stomach into a frenzy. I literally lost my taste for it after that. I don’t want it anymore, I don’t need it anymore. I’ve found my replacement!

I couldn’t help but worry about that inevitable 20 miler. But today gave me some confidence. I got by just fine with some tailwind in one bottle. It worked quite well. My only complaint is my bladder was a bit overactive and I found myself having to pee every 5 miles or so. But I’ll take that over having to poop.

I’m on pace to hit 51 or 52 miles for the week – which is exactly where I wanted to be this week.

After tomorrow there’s 15 weeks to go. Sounds like a lot but time is moving fast. Every week matters. Onward.

another one in the bank


Sometimes the best workouts happen with just a little bit of planning and thought. A few people I trust, Schuyler Hall, Andrew Palese and the Melo Man have pointed out how my Thursday workout should be faster than BQ pace so BQ pace feels easier at some point. Especially after Tuesday’s workout and subsequent blog.

Now, that doesn’t change my plan of adjusting my marathon pace for next Tuesday’s workout but I know I need to get after it on my 2nd workout of the week. I did that a bit last week and needed to continue that on Thursday.

I had a basic idea of what I wanted to do but I needed someone help to finalize the little details of this one and that’s where the Melo Man stepped in. Here’s what I knew what I wanted: 10 miles in total (aggressive and I’d have to wake up earlier), 4-6 reps of not-quite-a-mile but perhaps 3/4th of one and at near CURRENT 5K pace. So I initially suggested a set timed interval, 5 minutes on. Melo said nah, go for 0.75 of a mile on and 0.25 recovery but keep recovery under 2:30. Absolutely no longer. Then, he said if I’m around 6:40 pace, I should come in around 5 minutes per interval. Perfect, that lined up my original idea.

I was a bit worried that the expectation would be I run near an 8 minute pace for recovery for the 0.25 recovery. He suggested a 9:00 pace. Phewwwww. That is the part of this workout that I’m most thankful about because it was perfect after all was said and done. I came in just under 9 minute pace and that turned out to be 2:10ish, well under 2:30! Take a look and I’ll go over the intervals.


As you can see I got a nice 2 mile warm up and cool down. Rare for me to get 10 miles in total on a weekday but that’s what waking up earlier does – gives me the little bit of extra time I need to get it in.

You’ll also see how hard I was working toward the end – my last rep maxed out at a HR of 171! Awesome. It only got hard toward the end. I felt like this workout peaked at the exact right moment. 6 reps was hard but not too hard. I was even able to cut the pace down just a touch on the last 2 reps.

The recoveries gave me JUST the right amount of time to catch my breath and start again (but yet wanting more time to rest lol). Any faster, I wouldn’t have gotten 6 reps in. Oh and I should mention I did this on 0.5% incline. Maybe as things progress I’ll try 1% but 0.5% felt right.

I felt so good after this one. Another one in the bank. This one will serve me very well, I feel.

I’m disappointed I didn’t write about this immediately after because I’m sure I had more to say but the past few days have been really busy for me. And the funny thing about training is, a day later and you just move on from those good workouts and get ready for the next one.

The last 48 hours have left me exhausted by night but it looks like this busy stretch has passed for now. Now I have to gear up for a 16 miler tomorrow! Let’s see if I can put it all together for a great week of training. Both of my workouts have been really damn good in my books.



1% made a big difference today. It’s Tuesday – one of my favorite training days of the week. Why? Because I go for my usual BQ paced run. I may modify the term used for this run soon and I’ll explain that in a bit. It’s exciting chasing that unicorn pace but today made me realize a few things.

  1. The goal of this workout is to mimic a marathon paced run. Sub 7 is just not my marathon pace right now. I am trying to force it too soon.
  2. I need to adjust the goal (and hopefully readjust the goal down the line). I need to rename this the marathon paced workout rather than the BQ-paced workout.

See, I don’t want to set an unrealistic goal and flame out at Buffalo. I’d rather be realistic, make progress, and set a new PR by many minutes come May 24th. If by some chance I get anywhere near a 7 minute pace or less, cool, but it has to happen the right way otherwise the marathon WILL humble you.

Onto today’s workout. Remember that 1% I spoke of? Well, I set the treadmill to 1% incline and got damn did it make a difference. Let’s review the results below first.

2020-01-28 08_30_02-Garmin Connect

I went for 3 miles @ BQ pace x 2, 3 minutes recovery and just for the hell of it I threw in an extra mile at that BQ pace.

This felt hard [I have all sorts of expletives to use to describe it but let’s keep it at that]. Too hard on the 3rd mile of each set. My HR reflects that too. Look at last week’s workout for proof. My HR here is higher across the board. It actually compares more favorably to the workout I did last Wednesday (seen here) where I was running in the 6:40 range. I didn’t come close to a max HR of 171 last week on this workout. I guess that’s the difference a 1% incline makes! But also, I’m underplaying the extra mile thrown in the set (2 last week vs 3 this week).

You wouldn’t believe how much I was sweating. I hit the sauna afterwards and that in itself was a workout but I felt that post-Sauna magic afterwards so it was well worth the pain (HR hit the 140s!). Good shit, pal.

After talking this over with the Melo man, I confessed this isn’t the right pace for this workout and he agreed after gauging my effort (anecdotally). He suggested that a 7:10 pace may be more realistic (if not slower) at this point  (a 7:10 pace would yield a 3:07:54 marathon).

I couldn’t agree more. My PR is a 3:15.

I need to be really fucking real about this. Sure, I can shoot for the moon and flame out but I’d rather come out of this with something I can be proud of. I’m not putting in 18 weeks of hard work for nothing. To even pretend I’m in 3:01 shape is completely asinine. At the moment, with the assumption that I’ll put in the work necessary and nail some 20 milers, I could say a 3:13 is within reach. Of course I want a sub 3:10 and I will put in all the work I can to get there. Making that kind of leap is hard enough at this stage of the game for me. Making a 3:15 to 3:01 leap is silly talk right now. My last marathon wasn’t even my PR one.

But I will fight for all the little gains I can make and hope to put on a hell of a performance when the Buffalo Marathon rolls around.

I know there are studies out there suggesting that adding incline isn’t necessary unless you hit certain paces on the treadmill but I just don’t believe that. I’ll leave it at that. I think adding the little bit of incline really translates better for me to outdoor running.

ALL of that said, I am proud of this workout. I showed a lot of mental fortitude getting through this. Believe me, I had many doubts going through my mind after the 1st. Stuff like, do I really have to do a 2nd set?

It was tough but I felt accomplished afterwards. It’s the type of workout that will pay off regardless. I’m already excited to try an adjusted marathon pace next week to see how things pan out. I have been debating if 1% is almost a little too hard and if 0.5% incline would work? I don’t know. I need time to think about that and experiment.

Anyways, it’s time to move onto the next one. Onward!