Not windy enough to ruin the run

10.0 mi  Distance / 1:29:47  Moving Time / 8:58/mi  Pace

Coach said halfway through my long run (10 miles) to run 25 minutes at 210-215 watts and to finish in Zone 1. He told me very 2017-09-30 12_21_59-Halfway through, 25 mins in Zone 3a _ Run _ Stravarecently he’s a stickler for shooting out too fast in the prescribed zones of the workout. That’s fine by me. I was wondering how 210-215 watts would feel. It felt great. Going into it, I was worried it wouldn’t be as fast as I wanted because I’m often running in the 180s. Mind you, it was a bit windy out which killed some of the buzz of being outdoors for the first time in a few runs. But it still felt great to open the stride up (open THE stride up sounds silly but I’m leaving it). And getting the feel of 210 watts down was fairly easy. Very similar to HR training. Once you experience it, it’s easy to replicate. You just have to be cognizant of going uphill when your power will obviously go up (as it takes more effort going uphill). Finishing up in Zone 1 was actually the hardest part of this run as I instinctively wanted to run a bit faster.

First official week with a plan is done. 3 weeks removed from the Erie Marathon and I feel really good and ready for more workouts. We’ll see what Coach has planned next.

I attached the splits and you’ll see the 25 minutes in what essentially is Zone 3A start after Mile 5. I hit some wind and uphill after 6.

2017-09-30 13_18_15-Stryd PowerCenter


First workout under Coach

I was pretty excited to receive a Facebook Messenger notification from Coach Palladino over the weekend. He let me know that he shared my schedule for the upcoming week via Google Sheets. One cool thing so far about working with him is he’s very up to speed on the modern methods to create and share documents. Working in the IT industry, I’m not precluded from forgetting how easy Google makes it on us to share stuff.


I checked it out and it’s nothing you’d get too excited over but for me, it was exciting because it was the first glimpse into his style of coaching. Granted, he’s been cautious with me because I just ran the Erie Marathon so the first week after that I did nothing but low impact exercises (no running!), and the week following that I was given the instruction to only run in Zone 1 (easy pace). No actual schedule there. This was my first schedule, dang it! Reason to celebrate for a guy who has either written his own for years or just played it by feel (following the 80/20 method makes it very easy to become an expert at that. Quite simply, you run easy a lot more than hard).

Slapped in the middle of the week was my first workout. 2 miles warm up (hmm, a bit long but pretty standard for a higher mileage runner), 800 meters (~half mile repeats) x 6 with 3:00 recovery periods. And a 2 mile cool down. Cool! I’ve done this before. In fact, it’s programmed in my watch. Now here’s the tricky part. I had to run the intervals at a prescribed power: 230-235. Coach P told me it’s assumed that I run on the lower end of these power increments to start. The important part is to average out close to 230 watts for the interval.

I’ve done a lot of HR training so following this type of guideline is familiar. But the difference is, I have to learn what running at 230 watts feels like. I certainly know what my Zone 1 feels like. It will be a fun challenge to learn the different zones but just like HR training, as long as you know your zones (and if you’re savvy enough, program them in your watch), you’ll be fine.

Speaking of watches, my watch has a data screen for power so that’s how I will go about figuring out how fast I have to run.

It should be noted, to make my life even easier, I had to do this workout on one of the higher quality treadmills at the arena/gym I work out at near my job. How does that help? I could easily set the pace of said treadmill and determine what power I’m running at and adjust from there.

Everything went as planned. It was easy enough to get through but hard enough for me to look forward to the recovery intervals. If that makes sense. And in case you are wondering – I was around 7:24ish pace for the intervals. That matches the pace of one of my best miles at the Erie Marathon. We did a little experiment that involved switching the footpod to a different foot for each rep. More on that later.

It felt good to do my first workout in a long time. Here’s to many more to come..