Getting off the canvas


Today was a good day. I got off the canvas.

Let’s cut right to the chase – the holidays put me over the top and I felt like going right back into normal training this week would’ve been very difficult.

I had to go back to work on Tuesday so it was right back into the swing of things after Christmas.

Lucky for me, Coach had a Critical Power test set up on Thursday and everything before it was EZ running. This gave me a chance to catch my breath and get myself together.

But Wednesday came around and I still felt pretty tired. I expressed my concerns to Coach and we agreed to call off the CP test this week and keep it EZ.

This turned out to be a huge positive for me. I didn’t realize it until we had the conversation that I needed an easy week. I have been putting in pretty damn good weeks (50+ mile weeks) lately with high quality workouts.

And throw in the busy holiday season, it just caught up to me.

Yesterday was my breaking point. My usual running spot at the Arena is closed all week for its yearly maintenance period. I hate when it’s closed as it’s my favorite place to run (on a treadmill). So I’ve had a weird week of having to adjust just about every run and where I run.

Temperatures have been bitterly cold with wind around here. Throw in icy roads and it’s just not the safest combination to run so I’ve been hitting the treadmill.

Back to yesterday. I went to Crunch Fitness to run. I knew my stomach was in a bad spot and my run would likely be interrupted by the urge to go. Sure enough it happened. Unfortunately there was a freakin’ line at the shitter and these dudes were taking FOREVER. So I waited. And waited. And Waited.

It felt pointless and frustrating.

By the time I finished up and started my run back up, I realized I didn’t have a lot of time. But it didn’t matter.

I wore a new pair of shoes and they felt like the worst pair of shoes ever. My feet actually hurt while running in them! I took them off after mile 3 and called it a day. I hope I can exchange them for another pair of Brooks Launch 4 (which feel great so far).

It just wasn’t a good run. And I felt really bummed afterwards, like I let myself down or something.

Then today happened. A chance for a soft reset. And it went super well. No interruptions. My legs felt fresh. The run flew by (even on the Tready).

I made sleep a priority yesterday and will do so again tonight.

It’s sometimes hard to know when you need to back off for a few days but you have to catch it before it gets bad. And when you do that, let the adaptation happen!

Onward and upward…

Coming soon: Treadmill & calibration and how to make it work

Long run stoke

Impromptu blog entry.

The family is sleeping and I have a few minutes to get some thoughts off my chest.

  • Today’s EZ run went so much better than I expected. Almost every recent EZ Friday run has been crap because I’m either looking ahead to the long run or I’m still feeling Thursday’s workout or I’m just not super inspired to do an easy 6. But today was different.
  • Getting out of work early is such a great feeling. We were unexpectedly released 3 hours early! What a treat as it’s been a really busy few weeks at work.
  • I’m typically a 1 cup of coffee type of guy lately but I had a 2nd cup in the early afternoon figuring I needed a pick-me-up after not getting as much sleep as usual and boy did it work. I went to Tim Horton’s (very rare for me to make a special trip but I was out of K-cups at work) and it..was..awesome.
  • I’m pretty psyched up for tomorrow’s long run. One strength of mine seems to be the slow burn. While most would freak out at the idea of running 15-16 miles on a treadmill, I seem to thrive at it. I much prefer it over the workouts I endured this week. Maybe some of it is I get some of my Netflix fix in.
  • Speaking of Netflix, after finishing Punisher, which I lovvvvved, I’m seeking out the next show to watch. I should finish Ozark’s first though.
  • Mindhunter and Dark keep coming up as suggestions from others.
  • I started “Bright” this morning expecting it to be a show but it’s a movie starring Will Smith. Different and a bit weird so far. I only have 50 minutes left but I feel like I have to finish it since I’m invested. Maybe it’ll finish super strong. I’m not hooked by it yet and usually I LOVE Will Smith movies involving weird creatures (I Am Legend is one of my favorites).
  • I decided to bite on a pair of Brooks Launch 4 since they were $50 with the Negative Splits Discount code on RunningWarehouse. So glad I did. I wore them this morning and they felt really freakin’ good. I’m a big time shoe snob. Very few work for me well (I literally returned 2 pairs of Nikes not long ago) so I was thrilled how good these felt.
  • I finished the edit for next week’s Negative Splits Podcast tonight and I am happy with how it turned out. Sleepy G and I did a Splits-style episode and I’m usually hyper critical of myself but it was a fun show hanging and chopping it up with my brother.
  • Today was one of those rare super productive days. I managed to squeeze in 2 loads of laundry as well trying to get ahead of the game before Christmas Eve/Christmas festivities.
  • Every time I tune into Top 40 radio, I hear some good shit but ultimately it sounds like something I’ve heard not long ago. Not many stand-out blockbuster songs lately. I like variety so I’m willing to sample most genres but yeah, nothing has made me say “I need to SPOTIFY this now!”
  • So happy I’ve had no power glitches with data this week. Stryd was super efficient in cleaning up some mishaps from last week.
  • Is now a good time to mention I went to see a physical therapist, the best in my area, to get ahead of my right hip? I think it will pay off huge for me. He confirmed an imbalance in strength (on my right side). I have the exercises and I’m excited for my right side to feel as strong as my left does. More on this another time. I haven’t talked about it too much because truthfully I didn’t want Coach to think I was falling apart.
  • It’s icy and cold out over here which is why I’ve had to run indoors so much. We did have a few days of 30-40 degrees but accompanied by wind. It didn’t last long though.
  • Next week looks like a high of teens for the week. Oh well!
  • Really hoping I can avoid any restroom stops tomorrow. Last week’s long run almost felt like a miracle not having to stop.
  • The 2 biggest things I have to correct before the official marathon training cycle begins is my strength imbalance in my legs and my stomach. And that I will do. It’s been a priority of mine lately.
  • Speaking of marathon training cycle, I asked Coach recently what his thoughts were on how long we’d make it – 12, 14, 16 or 18 weeks? He basically replied that it will depend on my fitness in the next few months.
  • Yesterday’s 2 x 20:00 was as tough as advertised. The 1st rep was really hard. I couldn’t believe it but I had brief thoughts of calling it after the rep was over. VERY BRIEF, OKAY. But then the 2nd rep went so much better. I learned something. Keep your head in the game. Be mentally strong and stick with it – even when it’s uncomfortable. I ain’t going to punk out like that!
  • I foam rolled my right glute tonight and my lord, it was agonizing. But then the pain dissipated and turned into a feeling of comfort. These exercises are already working.
  • As challenging as these workouts have been the past 2 weeks, I feel like it’s some of the best work I’ve done in training. Coach has my zones nailed down perfectly and is firing on all cylinders with my rep count and interval length. If I don’t improve from this, I’m out of answers!
  • I can’t wait to see my son’s reaction on Christmas Eve and Christmas.
  • Time to head to bed and rest up for tomorrow’s long run!




The rep I should long for

I feel like 90% of this blog is me talking about how painful my workouts are.

Following in that tradition, let me tell you about how much the last rep of Tuesday’s workout challenged (crushed/destroyed/demoralized) me.


It was very similar to last Tuesday’s workout: 5 x 5:00 (3:00 recov) with the difference being the prescribed wattage was 102% of FTP (so 252-254W vs. 200-201W last week). At this point that’s somewhere between 6:30-6:40 pace.

Coach hit me with this bombshell of a comment on last Tuesday’s workout:

Good work! I want to eventually build you to 8x 5 min within 3 weeks of the Buffalo marathon. First though, is to get your power comfortably up to 102% of FTP on these.

Just the thought of doing 8 of these reps is scary.

You wouldn’t think the extra wattage would make too much of a difference and let me tell you – for the first 3 reps I handled it REALLY well. Much better than last week. I was seriously proud of myself in the moment.

The 4th rep is when it started to hurt. But I knew I’d get through that one. The 5th one is where I looked at the timer almost every 10 seconds – praying time would suddenly move faster.

It was a memorable type of hurt. My legs were handling it but I was gassed. It was exactly the type of work one in my spot needs to see progress. But it’s also the type that sticks with you for hours after. I can’t tell you how happy I was when the last rep was done.

It really is the rep I should long for. You can’t replicate it or even try to do it often. It has it’s place. Coach couldn’t have drawn this up much better. I honestly didn’t have much left in the tank after this one. In the moment, it’s impossible to appreciate. But afterwards, it’s something you’re so damn proud of.

Check it out! I only came up 1 watt short on the 3rd rep. I’ll take it.


Look at the difference in my average HR on the 1st rep compared to the last. Quite a jump! And I felt every bit of it. Deep down, I know  I need to suffer like this to get to Boston. It’s the only way I can convince myself to keep coming back for more.

Next up (tomorrow) sounds like a brutal one: 2 x 20:00 @ 235-240W (roughly 94-95% of FTP).

Long run city

One of the hardest things to explain with running is how you can feel like junk one day and then feel like gold the next. I went from a totally uninspiring run on Friday (that should’ve been celebrated as the easiest run of the week!) to what has become one of my favorite runs of the week – the church of the Long Run.

I admit – my anxiety is a small factor in how I view these things. It’s not some big issue I deal with but it’s there. I will never let it get the best of me – that’s for damn sure.

For Friday’s EZ run, I think it’s a matter of importance – or lack thereof. Don’t get me wrong – EZ runs are important but deep down, I know getting to the Arena and being mentally up for the workout days are far more important (for me). I can hammer off the EZ days without much thought. But that lack of heightened awareness causes me to settle back on everything – like my arrival to the Arena, or my urgency when getting my gear stashed away and so forth. Besides that, I was favoring my right side a little more than usual. On top of it all – I had to stop and use the restroom for the first time all week. It was just an annoying Friday morning run.

In my mind I had firmly planted the thought – “JUST GET THIS OVER WITH, MAN.”

Then came Saturday. My father-in-law Dave is my go-to sitter on Saturdays. I am extremely grateful for him doing this favor for me. Without him, I’m not sure how I’d make this work. I would make it work but it would be under far less favorable conditions (and less miles). In this scenario, I get to sleep in, get some food in, go to the nearby Crunch fitness and get a solid 2 hours in without much stress.

It’s awesome but something I can’t get comfortable with as he has his own training to take care of. A big 2018 awaits him and I’ll feel guilty if I’m taking away from it. I do have some ideas on how to work around this when the time comes. Sacrifices will have to be made on my end but whatever it takes to get the training in, right?

ONTO SATURDAY ALREADY. Man, I felt better than expected. This went well. No bathroom breaks (unlike last week’s long run). I felt pretty comfortable at what I’d call a decent clip. The miles seemed to click by pretty fast and I knew with the pace I was holding I could likely squeeze 16 miles in (which feels like a really good number to hit). Once I hit the 10 mile mark (see the yellow highlighted area below), I had to hit a goal power target of 220-225W. I believe this will be close to goal marathon power by the time Buffalo arrives. By then, the pace will be much faster, I hope. Usually I look forward to this segment ending but because of how good I felt, I decided to ADD 1 mile on at this power. Schedule always calls for 4 miles at this range but since I was adding a mile onto the entire run, I didn’t think Coach would mind me adding this extra Tempo work. And it felt good! Check out the DEETS (slang for details) below:

2017-12-17 07_09_40-Final Surge - saturday long run

The plan was: First 10 miles @ 205-210W. Next 4 @ 220-225W. Finish off at the starting range.

I almost finished watching Punisher on Netflix. WHAT A SHOW. I thought I was on what I’d call an epic season finale but it looks like there’s one more episode. Maybe this helped make the miles tick by as well.

Did I mentioned Dave also brought over cookies for us as well? He is a rock star of a grandfather and father-in-law (among other things). What a treat to come home to (because I was hungry!).

All in all, it was an up and down week filled with some tougher moments and some glorious ones as well. Looking forward to the next week ahead as we continue to march forward…



My lungs and my legs

Yesterday was the first workout that challenged my lungs AND my legs.

In previous workout’s I felt they usually worked my lungs more than my legs and never to a point where I was questioning my life’s decisions. Yesterday, I questioned everything.

Here was the workout:

5:00 x 5 @ 250-251w (which is my FTP/CP). 3:00 recovery between reps.

Note: Last week we did 4 reps. And in previous weeks it was less so we’ve been building up to this.

Before I describe the pain, here are the results:


The last rep, by far, felt the hardest. Maybe I went into it a bit mentally weak. At no point was I in danger of quitting on the workout – I just knew I had to put in some serious work.

But it was exactly what I needed. Rarely have I had to confront these thoughts (“WHY!!!”, “What am I doing?!”) during a workout. It’s a good thing though. Being comfortable with the uncomfortable. It’s possible the treadmill made this harder but that’s just a guess. There was no attempting this outdoors given the conditions.

I think this workout will pay dividends down the road.

My average HR per interval doesn’t look too bad but don’t be mistaken – I was riding high 160s and even 170 for most of them.

I’ll be curious to see my RE for these as well. When Coach provides that at the end of the week, I hope to relay it here.

I’m still deciding if I loved or hated this. I can tell you with certainty that in the moment I hated it but afterwards I loved the feeling of accomplishment.

My legs felt fine for today’s easy run (7.5 miles this AM).

Onto the next workout tomorrow which is another step up from last week’s Tempo run (2 x 15:00 last week, 3 x 12:00 tomorrow!).

Let it snow

A day removed from a few feet of snow that fell on us in Hamburg, NY and I have a different perspective on things.

  1. A little extra strength work from shoveling is a good thing. A real good thing for my weak back.
  2. Believe me, the end of the driveway snow is heavy enough to get a good workout in.
  3. Ever since the Bod Pod test, I’ve really changed how I view many things and realized I was doing things not so well when it came to caloric intake.
  4. I feel excited as heck moving forward as a result because I believe I caught a big mistake before the real marathon training begins when I’ll need to dial in everything.
  5. I felt weak before – the opposite of how I wanted to feel when running fast.
  6. I’ve been really enjoying the Joe Rogan Experience podcast lately. I’m fascinated by his random knowledge he drops in the middle of interviews. Never thought much of him as a comedian but he does well as a podcast host.
  7. Unfortunately stomach issues crept up on me in a big way last week, interrupting many runs. But I have a few ideas how to address this. I’m optimistic.
  8. I tried an avocado for the first time in my life the other day. And I think I really like them. But so far I haven’t picked a good, ripe one. I’m too impatient and I eat them when they aren’t quite ready. I have 2 left and I vow to be patient with them.
  9. Lots of treadmill runs in my future. Not only are the roads unsafe, the temperature will be dropping below freezing (30) and much lower some days.
  10. I have no issue doing my workouts and long runs on THE TREADY.
  11. I ran 16 miles this past Saturday and aside from 2 bathroom stops, it went extremely well. I wish I had time for more!
  12. The Negative Splits Podcast Treadmill Challenge is coming soon which means I’ll be planning a 20+ mile run.
  13. My wife buys me clothes because she knows I’m too cheap to buy them for myself. I’m not sure if this is a good thing or not.
  14. Thank goodness for good customer support. Stryd and I had some serious issues last week that almost ruined a few runs.
  15. They responded quickly and sent firmware upgrades to my account the day of the incidents.
  16. I have to admit – having those issues made me realize how much I enjoy training by power. Without that option on a run or two (or when the data was clearly off), I felt less motivated. Probably not the best attitude but oh well.
  17. I actually didn’t mind shoveling the past few days. Seriously. But my snowblower is now working fine (small issue prior to today) so I guess I’ll try to get some use out of it (ever since buying it 2 years ago I may have used it 5 times or so).
  18. I retired a good pair of shoes last week. I definitely started to feel the ground a bit too much and it became obvious it was time to put one of my favorite pairs of shoes (Asics LyteRacers) on the shelf.
  19. Back to another light road racing shoe, the New Balance RC 1400s. I wore these when I pr’d at the half earlier this year. Well, a different pair, one given to me by my father-in-law. The ones I have now are new – I stashed them.
  20. I also tried them without the support soles I bought and boy was that a mistake. The sides of my ankles were sore for days! But once I put the soles in, everything was good again and I’m enjoying the ride. I’d like to save these for races.
  21. I have a pair of trainers coming at Christmas time and I can’t wait to get my hands on them! They are a pair of Adidas – a brand I’ve had good luck with.
  22. OK, I need to stop this list. It’s bed time. I have to make sure I wake up earlier than usual tomorrow just in case we get another snowfall. More strength work?
  23. I’m trying a week to 3 week experiment. It’s regarding my stomach issues. I will report back on this when I find any conclusive evidence.
  24. I’m like 3 episodes behind on The Walking Dead and I have no desire to catch up.
  25. Had the chance to talk to Mario Fraioli last week on the Podcast. I think it’s worth listening to. He has some good words of wisdom.
  26. Already thinking about the next race, potentially in early March. It’s called the Shamrock run (an 8K) and it usually kicks off the racing season around here.
  27. But obviously the big race is in May.
  28. Did you see the announced field for Boston? Holy moly – the women’s field is off the charts. I can’t even begin to give a prediction but Flanny, Hasay and Huddle are such intriguing bets.
  29. One of my favorites, Sara Hall, will be worth keeping an eye on as well.
  30. Rupp vs. Ritz could be fun for a bit.
  31. Shit, I need to go to bed. Catch up tomorrow!

A notch in the belt for POWER

The following is a brief recap from my buddy Andrew Palese. He is also being coached by Steve Palladino using a Stryd power meter. Check out this breakthrough performance a month removed from what he considered a disappointing attempt. I’ll share my thoughts after..

Thanks for the huge shout out, my brother Bill. I thought about you during the race and how I didn’t want to disappoint you with a sub-par performance. This was my second attempt at my goal to break 20 minutes.

First attempt was about a month ago in windy and rainy weather. I ran 20:25 which was disappointing for me.

The next day Steve Palladino officially became my coach.

Today, my goal was to average at least 321 power as Coach said this would get me sub-20.

I purchased the Nike Vapor Fly’s 4% this past Monday. I used them in two workouts this week leading up to the race. My thoughts on the shoe at first run were mixed. Standing in the shoe makes you feel like you are going to fall forward due to the carbon fiber plate. They are very light and squishy-soft. During the run when I expected my legs to feel tired they didn’t. After the workout, my legs were fresh. The same feeling after the second run.

I was confident I would break 20 today but how low could I go? Bill thought I could do around 19:40 (optimistic). As I stated earlier my plan was to stay at or above 321 power.

Keep in mind my interval/VO2 Max workouts with Coach have been at 320-325 power. Imagine my reaction when I pass the mile 1 marker at 330 power. This is way too high but my legs and wind were good.

Mile 2 was 327 power still above what I thought I could do but legs still felt good.

Mile 3 was at 332 power and the final kick was 367 power for a finishing time of 19:13. I felt worse a month ago when I ran 20:25. These shoes are legit. Did they make me faster? I am not sure but they definitely made my legs less tired during my workouts and race today. These are my racing shoes for the future.

Bill’s Thoughts: Thanks for the kind words Andrew. I was super stoked to see how he would do this past weekend. He had given me the heads up  a few weeks in advance that this would be his next test. I love watching others race (even from afar).

We talk pretty much every day to share some notes and discuss how training is going. I  see what Coach gives him for his workouts. There were a few where Andrew had some technical difficulties in them. Despite those issues (mostly with finding the right data field to use when monitoring power during a workout), I noticed he was still doing well in these workouts despite the technical frustrations.

Clearly last month’s race stuck with him and he knew he could do a lot better. The fire was lit. When that race happened, I really didn’t know what Andrew’s potential was so it wasn’t my place to judge if the performance was good or bad but I did know one thing – the conditions weren’t ideal and when the weather is a factor in a race, it’s really flippin’ hard to race your best.

That said, I thought sneaking under 20 minutes was going to happen. He had the right mindset going into it – a little nervous but anxious because the checks were deposited in previous workouts and the work was done. Whenever I talk to a few of my close running friends, I think it’s easy to predict if they’ll nail their goal based off one thing: mindset.

Did I expect him to run 19:13? Hell no. That’s a big, big improvement from a month ago. Best of all, he beat his personal best from many years ago.

Tough to say how much of this was related to the Vapor Fly 4%. He credits them quite a bit but I can’t give them all that credit. A lot of it was the training leading up to the race, having the right mindset and mental toughness going in and then executing the plan.

Don’t get me wrong though – it’s incredibly tempting to get a pair leading up to my attempt to BQ in May. We’ll see if they ever come back in stock on

Congrats Andrew, you not only broke 20, you are officially flirting with 19. I really hope to get there one day soon.

Let’s keep this positive momentum going and continue to make progress towards our lofty goals while running with power.

Here’s a screenshot of Andrew’s data from the race:


The Bod Pod

get_body (4)


Feast your eyes on what is called the Bod Pod. It’s an Air Displacement Plethysmograph (ADP) that uses whole body densitometry to determine body composition (fat vs. lean).

My Father-In-Law has taken this test throughout the years to determine how he’s doing leading up to a big race. And even during the off-season to get a sense where his baseline is when not in the thick of an intense training cycle.

He showed me his recent print-out and at that moment I knew I had to try this out. The University I work for will do the test for a small fee. Knowing I was likely in the leanest, meanest, baddest mofo’ shape I’ve ever been in, I thought it would be cool to know.

I’ve also signed up for an Inside Tracker blood draw. Some days I feel like a science experiment.

Here’s the info you get from the test:


These are the categories you could potentially fall in:


And lastly, you are given your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR). More on this in a second. I don’t mind sharing my value here.


I’ll keep the rest private. But I can confirm, I am extremely lean and I was a bit surprised to learn how much so. Admittedly, I have some new goals to shoot for the next test.

Figuring this information out proved to be invaluable. It helped me calculate what my Daily Caloric needs are. I will explain why this important in a minute.

So what is RMR? It represents the minimum energy your body needs to support its basic physiological functions, including heartbeat, breathing, maintaining body temperature, and all of numerous biochemical reactions required to keep you alive. So basically – it is the amount of energy the body uses at rest.

You can use RMR to figure out your daily caloric needs as well. (Thanks to my brother in Power, Andrew Palese, here’s a link you can use to ESTIMATE your RMR: And guess what, it was pretty damn close when I plugged in my numbers)

Before I show you that – check out this chart:


This seems rather subjective but it’s something to go off of. I wouldn’t take it too seriously.

Anyways, there’s a million different formulas to figure out your daily caloric needs but Coach and I discussed the best way for me.

We decided on picking either Sedentary or Low Active from above (NOT figuring in exercise), I went with Low Active because I have a desk job (though I do have a standing desk to utilize) but I am fairly active when I get home. Sedentary seemed too low, in my opinion. Then you multiply that value against your RMR (mine is 1536). Finally, add in your running expenditure for the day (a value that can vary significantly depending on the workload).

Daily Caloric Needs formula;
1.51 (Daily Activity level) x 1536 (RMR) + Running Expenditure (formula below)

Running Expenditure (or kJ):

((avg power of run) x (duration of run in seconds)) / 1000

Let’s take a look at today’s run to figure out my running expenditure.

((197) x (2764)/1000 = 544

Let’s plug that into the formula from above and wrap this up:

1.51 x 1536 + 544 = 2863

So that’s the amount of calories I need minimally. Pretty cool stuff.

Yesterday, because I doubled up on my hard day (which featured 15 minute intervals), I had to eat something like 3,500+ calories. Pizza for dinner helped take care of that!

Being honest with you, I was likely coming up well short of my caloric needs. Folks, I don’t need to lose weight. I wasn’t doing that on purpose, just to be clear. I was just eating clean and healthy but when you do that, you should be aware of how many calories you need to take in depending on your exercise for the day and your goals.

With this knowledge, I’ve had an outstanding few days of running. My hard day (Thursday) went about as well as it could. I had to do two 15 minute intervals at 235-240W (I’ll call this BQ pace) with only a 3 minute rest. I did that in the early AM and 7 miles in total.

Then I did a double (my favorite!) on lunch. I ran 1 mile of the 5 at the same intensity mentioned above with the difference being this run was outdoors.

I had so much energy and felt so good. I have to be careful telling Coach how good I felt because he might just bump my workload up more!

It’s only been a few days but I’ve noticed a nice difference. And my heart rate, something I only check afterwards, was outstandingly low for today’s EZ lunch run (128 avg I think).

Ultimately my goal is to be healthy and not short change my training. Between this, my new hip strengthening routine and having a Coach that really understands me, I think things are going to continue to head in the right direction as I aim for Boston next May.




Don’t try this at home


I’ve had a pretty interesting week.

But for now, for tonight, I should highlight a boneheaded move I made on Monday night.

I started a routine of hip strengthening exercises and boy did I overdo it. I can’t ever start small. Go big or go home, baby. It’s like I think I’m impervious to pain or in this case extreme soreness. Let me explain..

My right hamstring was on FIRE all of Tuesday. It was so sore from the exercises. I was in denial for a bit too which is the saddest part of this. I was blaming everything but the exercises.

I had a time trial scheduled on Tuesday and it was nothing short of a disaster. Besides my hamstring not being in the best shape to try this all out 800 meter attempt (followed by an all out 200 meter attempt), there was 20+mph winds that absolutely destroyed me. On top of that I had an awful morning at work. Nothing was going right that day and my negative mindset wasn’t going away. Very rare for me.

Just for giggles I should share what happened during my all-out 800 meter attempt. I made it 1:22 in my first 400m around (I was hoping for 1:17). And then another 100 meters later I went right into that ridiculous wind and it literally stopped me in my tracks. I bailed on the attempt and contemplated what the hell I was doing. I did get that 200 meter attempt in and ran it in 37 seconds. Tailwind aided (lol). It was just not my day.

So how did I get to the unusually sore hamstring? By doing way too many reps. An absurd amount. With a weight on my right foot. Yep. I can’t help myself. I am convinced that if I strengthen my right hip, I think it could make a difference.

It did start to feel better yesterday. On my early AM run, I almost bailed at 0.3 miles in but something in me said to stick it out and my intuition was right – my hammy loosened up and I had a pretty good 7 mile EZ run. It was just soreness from the exercises, not pain related.

I will be smarter about this the next time I do these exercises (tonight). Coach agreed I should do this stuff on my hard days and recover on my easy days.

Thankfully today that soreness was almost gone. And it led to one of my best training days in some time.

I’ll explain tomorrow. I’ll also talk about my Bod Pod test soon.