My FTP dropped!

I didn’t even realize this until later in the week but my estimated FTP (in the software Coach uses, WKO4) went down to 245. If you recall it has been at 250 since my last race.


You never want your FTP to go down when you are at the same weight. You only want it to go up. If you edit your weight often in Stryd (DON’T!!) then obviously your FTP should change.

I ultimately concluded that this happened because after a strong collection of weeks with Coach, I was riding that over-training line a little too close. Throw in the holidays and I was a mess. Afterwards, Coach gave me nothing but EZ runs for 2 weeks. And then last week I had 2 days off for a small operation. I wonder if the software took all of this into account and some of my struggles during recent workouts. Figuring that in, it makes sense that my FTP went down.

It also didn’t help that I was binging on sugar and often going into workouts feeling so sluggish. That’s another story and I’ve since cleaned that up.

The news fired me up and if I’m being frank, it pissed me off! I train hard. I train often. But damn, I was making some stupid mistakes along the way and it was time right the ship. I don’t even know if that’s the exact phrase but I’m leaving it there.

I went into Friday’s EZ run with a chip on my shoulder and executed it perfectly. The previous 2 EZ runs, my RE (running effectivess) was much lower than usual (0.98) and I think I can explain why but I might sound crazy if I do. Either way, I found out my RE was pretty dang good (from manual calculations) after Friday’s EZ effort of 8 miles. Form felt strong.

2018-02-03 14_04_30-Bill's RE Calculator - Google Sheets

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