Results & video of 3rd time trial

I conducted (last week I wrote conduced lol) my 3rd time trial after another solid week of training where I threw a few curve balls. Let’s take a looksie look.

What I did:

  • Monday: 4 x 3:00 FAST, 4:00 recovery. 2 x 100m thrown in
    • Sauna for 15 minutes.
  • Tuesday: 5 EZ on my birthday with 6 x 100m thrown in at the end
  • Wednesday: 5 min warm up, 25 minutes @ workin’ pace (7:20)
    • Sauna for 15 minutes.
  • Thursday: EZ 30 minutes (no spice thrown in)
  • Friday: Time trial
    • Sauna for 15 minutes.
  • Saturday: Long run with hills. Hit 12 miles+ for the first time in a while and kept a brisk pace.
  • Sunday: TBD. (Will likely keep it EZ AF)

The time trial on Friday went really well! I saw the improvement I hoped for last week. Actually, even a 10 second improvement last week would have made me happy so this one more than made up for it. I made a 25 second improvement.

Here are the splits for each 1600m:

6:33, 6:39, 6:40.

Full splits (I hit the lap button every 800 meters for pacing purposes): 3:13, 3:20, 3:19, 3:20, 3:24, 3:16.

Only one stinker of a lap and overall a positive split but I’m not too concerned about that. Next week will be an interesting one as my boy Dutch will come out and film the time trial. It will be nice to have someone there. I’m sure it will add to it.

I did a bonus podcast episode on the Negative Splits Patreon page (you only need to pledge $1 to hear it) about the whole thing: If that isn’t your thing or money is tight, just hit me up and I will gladly pass along the file. Without further ado, here’s the video version! I will also throw in my slow-mo version which helps me take a look at what’s going on with my form.



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